Ajam Family

Ajam is the brainchild of Amin Mohammad Fouladi (a.k.a. Amin Ajami) and the core of the Ajam family comprises Arash Fayyazi, Nariman Akrami, and Sara Fotros. Amin Ajami is the main songwriter and lyricist whilst formulating the early production of most tracks. Arash Fayyazi arranges key melodies, often composing instrumental pieces, and also assists in developing lyrics. Nariman Akrami is the main producer and usually assists in developing the arrangement of tracks with particular focus on bass and drums/percussion. Sara Fotros is a traditional percussionist that assists in percussion arrangement.

Ajam’s extended family have included Parham Bahadoran (one of the first members of Ajam), Zartosht Safari and Shohreh Khatoon. The Family is ever growing with members such as Saeed Naghdi who often joins Ajam in his capacity as a bassist and a drummer in several performances for Ajam and notably features in the recordings (and associated video clips) of ‘Zoghālchi’ and ‘Dare Vāz Kon’. One of the youngest members of Ajam’s extended family is Arsam Babaee who is an old time friend of Ajam’s and plays bowed instruments and percussions on several of Ajam’s tracks.

The Ajam Family is often joined by guest vocalists and musicians to pay homage to the music of different regions of Iran. Early Ajam guests include Erfan Shaho (Kurdish vocals on ‘Khezān’), MirKazem Jaffari (vocals on ‘Hossein Khān’ and ‘Shahmirzādi’). More recently Ajam’s guests have included Mehdi Boostani and Tannaz Zand.  Undoubtedly, Ajam’s most notable collaboration has been with Jamal Mohammadi and the Kayer Ensemble on a track featured on their 2016 album ‘Rag O Risheh’ which includes vocals from Abolhassan Khoshru, a prominent master of the music of Mazandaran.

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