Wooden Tasbih/Tasbeeh Prayer Beads


Tasbih/Tasbeeh Prayer Beads. The long Tasbih comprises 99 beads (three sets of 33)

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Product Description

Tasbih/Tasbeeh Prayer Beads are popular from Eastern Europe, across the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia, and the Indian Subcontinent. They can be used as decoration as well for generally keeping the hands busy and even for their intended use of counting the amount of times you repeat your chosen Mantra or personal prayer.

The beads are made of wood and they are held together by a fine fabric thread.

The short Tasbih comprises 33 beads (three sets of 11), separated by two ornate ‘sheykhi’ dividers.

The long Tasbih comprises 99 beads (three sets of 33), separated by two dividers.

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