Golvani – Kurdish/Lori Shawl/Scarf


Kurdish/Lori scarf referred to as a #Golvani.

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Product Description

Kurdish/Lori scarf referred to as a #Golvani. The Golvani is traditionally worn as a head garment by women, or as a scarf by men, in the foothills of the Zagros Mountains at the meeting points of Iran, Iraq, and Turkey. The Golvani  is used in particular as a festive adornment in occasions such as ‘Norooz’ the Iranian New Year which marks the Spring Equinox.

The material is a mix of natural fibres including silk and a Viscose blend. The fabric is light and suitable for flexible wear during moderate seasons. The delicate material is robust for everyday wear, but care should be taken to avoid snagging on Jewellery and protruding items and accessories.

In order to maintain the vibrancy of the colours, and the soft touch of the material, it is advisable that the scarf is hand washed. Hand washing should be with cool water with a gentle rinse, with natural drying.

Given the traditional make of the scarves, the dimensions are not strictly set but are around 120cm by 120cm.

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