The Zoghālchi or ‘Coaltender’ is a very important character. He may tend to the coal when you are smoking a Ghelyoon (Shisha/Hookah/Nargile) but that’s not even half the story. The Zoghālchi listens to the problems and worries of everyday people, overhears and participates in conversations with people of different walks of life. The Zoghālchi is savvy and streetwise, the Zoghālchi is an adviser and sometimes a preacher. Whether he’s genial or moody, the Zoghālchi is your friend, a mate. This song is not an advert for smoking Shisha, it’s taking worries and complaints about life today to the Zoghālchi, probably the only person who will listen. It’s a series of light-hearted quips at today’s popular culture.

This song takes strong influence from the native urban people’s music of Iran and as such Ajam dedicate this track to all those who have helped to preserve elements of this culture. In particular, this song is a tribute to the inspirational work of the late Mortezā Ahmadi who passed away this year.

We’re hoping that the smoking embers of the coal will ignite into the fire of Chāhārshanbe Suri (Iranian festival in the last days before the New Year 21/03/2015) and the flames will cleanse us of our bad habits (including smoking Shisha 🙂 ) so that we can make a healthy start to the New Year

Music: Ajam
Lyrics: Amin Ajami
Director: Farshad Hosseini
Producer: Amin Ajami
Camera: Bahareh Hosseini

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