Tayyebeh Jan

Tayyebeh jan is a music video based around three research trips made by Amin Ajami to the foothills of the Alborz Mountains in seeking to meet, and learn from, the masters and purveyors of the native musical traditions. During the course of these journeys (between 2013-2016), Amin becomes acquainted with the well renowned Mohammadi Family in Ghaemshahr, Mazandaran, and in particular seeks help from Jamal Mohammadi (founder of the Kayer Ensemble) in arranging and the constructing the song that is the subject of this music video. The pinnacle of this project is realised when Amin Ajami, with the help of Jamal Mohammadi, attains an honorary guest vocal appearance from the revered Mazandarani vocal master Abolhassan Khoshru.

The music video in part documents the formation of the track, including footage of studio recordings with the Mohammadi Family in Ghaemshahr, as well as recording of some elements with the help of young musicians such Arsam Babaei and Naghmeh Moradabadi in Tehran and Hamedan. The structure of the track is laid down in London with the help of other members of Ajam; Nariman Akrami, Arash Fayyazi and Sara Fotros.

The lyrical content of the spoken tone element of the track that is performed by Amin Ajami complains of lack of depth in today’s emotional relationships and proclaims that it is not possible to fall in love in this modern age. At the final inconclusive verse of the contemporary poetry, Amin asks for his fortune to be told by a verse of traditional poetry from Sheykh ol-Ajam (Amir Pazevari, a 17th Century Mazandarani Poet). This traditional verse is sung by Maestro Abolhassan Khoshru and speaks from the voice of nightingale who declares that ‘one who lives without falling in love is all but dead, even if he lives a hundred years his life is a pointless endeavour’.  The Mazandarani poetry that is sung by Jamal Mohammadi at the beginning and during the Chorus of the track represents the pure and idealistic portrayals of Love that are found in traditional and folk heritage.

The majority of the video has been filmed in the Iranian provinces of Mazandaran and Semnan. In particular, many of the shots of Amin Ajami’s performance of the spoken-tone poetry is in the picturesque town of  Shahmirzad which has cultural ties with Mazandaran and Semnan. Other travelling shots include locations in London, Kermanshah, Hamedan, Tehran, Sari, Sangesar, Pol-Sefid and Fouladmahaleh.

Tayyebeh Jan pays homage to the native heritage of historic areas like Mazandaran that are at risk of being antiquated by today’s market-driven culture. It is only with the support of the younger generations that the depth and intricacies of these unique cultures can be retained and developed with the changing times.

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