Ajam Live at Kölner Philharmonie


Ajam performing in the Cologne Philharmonic Hall as part of the New Sound of Iran festival in October 2013. The video is taken from Kölner Philharmonie youtube channel.


The mix of the sound in the video is from the mixing desk and the sound in the Hall was more evenly balanced. The previous night we had performed in Hamburg as part of the festival and this performance is after a long drive and with little sleep so please pardon the tiredness and lack of breath in some parts 🙂

From left to right:
Sara Fotros: Daff
Parham Ajami: Balaban, Sorna, Dozaleh, Percussion, Vocals
Nari Man: Electronic Drums and Drum Machine, Backing Vocals
Arash Fayyazi: Tar, No-Bang, Oud, Vocals
Amin Ajami: Oud, Dotar, Guitar, Sorna, Vocals
Shohreh Khatoon: Keys, Dosar Kotan, Backing Vocals

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